PortaPocket Combo Kit Phone Holder


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PortaPocket Combo Kit Phone Holder


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PortaPocket Combo Kit Phone Holder

Discover the PortaPocket Combo Kit Phone Holder! The ultimate arm or leg cell phone holder that doubles as a secure storage solution for IDs, cash, cards, keys, cameras, insulin pumps, mic packs, and other essentials. Our popular 2-piece phone holder band kit offers unmatched versatility, comfortably worn around the calf, ankle, arm, or thigh, discreetly under or over your attire. It includes:

  • An adaptable 18″ Band: Choose from various options to suit your needs.
  • Medium (2.875″ x 5″): Ideal for small flip phones, insulin pumps, or mic packs.
  • Large (3.75″ x 5″): Perfect fit for US passports.
  • Extra Large (4″ x 6.5″): Accommodates large smartphones like iPhone 15/15 Pro, Google Pixel, Galaxy S8, Edge, Note series.
  • Tall (2.875″ x 7.25″): Fits 1-2 EpiPen auto-injectors or glasses/sunglasses.

Why choose our Combo Kit?

  • Superb comfort for extended wear.
  • Secure and reliable, designed not to slip.
  • Optionally discreet, blending seamlessly with your outfit.
  • Resistant to sweat and moisture.
  • Perfect for standalone use or paired with a purse/bag to keep essentials close.
  • Highly adjustable; all Bands connect with any other PortaPocket Band for added length, and the Pocket can lace onto your own belt/scarf for extra versatility.

Optional waterproof version: Opt for an XL pocket with a patented LOKSAK insert for complete sealing, perfect for devices like iPhone 15 (additional $2). Note: The insert may not accommodate MAX or PLUS phone sizes with their cases on.

Please note: If using a sleeve/case on your cell, consider opting for a larger pocket size. For instance, a ‘naked’ (case-less) iPhone SE fits in the Medium PortaPocket pocket, but with a case, upgrade to an XL pocket for a secure fit.

***We advise against using the XL pocket on the ankle due to its size and loop placement, which may cause the pocket to sit too low to the ground.***

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