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Dental Hygiene Continuing Education Abroad

Resources to keep your license active at home and overseas.

Fulfilling your dental hygiene continuing education requirements while living and working abroad is possible. No need to worry about not being able to fulfill your CE obligations. There are opportunities for in-person and virtual seminars on an international level. Check out the following large and small associations and organizations for their yearly CE offerings.

Germany Continuing Education

  • Zukunft Prophylaxe – Zukunft Prophylaxe offers a continuation education weekend seminar in German. The next dates are TBA. Read more about their weekend seminars here (in German).
  • The EAZF holds regular ZMF and DH continuing education courses – in German. They also provide the bridge courses from dental assisting to dental hygiene.

Get to know some of your dental hygienist colleagues working overseas.

Switzerland Continuing Education

Read the latest info on working in Switzerland as a foreign-trained dental hygienist.

Dental Hygiene Continuing Education in Other Countries

U.S. Dental Hygiene Continuing Education Offerings

  • RDH Under One Roof is a popular conference to attend. This conference is held over one weekend. 
  • usually has nice Florida CEU packets at a reasonable price.
  • offers more than 150 professional education courses free of charge.

Canadian C.E. Opportunities

  • More to come…

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