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Wrist Sleeves


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Wrist Sleeves

FSA/HSA Approved


EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF The wrist sleeves alleviate pain from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist tendonitis, sprains, strains, and more, providing gentle therapeutic support.

NON-SLIP SUPPORT Designed for all-day or all-night use, the wrist sleeves provide comfortable, non-slip support that stays in place.

UNIQUE BAMBOO-CHARCOAL BLEND Crafted from a bamboo-charcoal blend, the sleeves provide compression to increase circulation and promote healing.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED COMFORT The fabric retains therapeutic warmth when it’s cold and releases excess heat when it’s warm, keeping you comfortable and dry.

ANTIMICROBIAL FABRIC BLEND The antimicrobial fibers repel bacterial buildup and unpleasant odors, ensuring the sleeves remain hygienic and clean.

DURABLE AND LONG-LASTING These wrist sleeves are machine washable and durable, withstanding frequent washing without pulling or fraying.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the bamboo wrist support slide or roll down during use? No, not if you choose the correct size. Refer to our sizing chart to find the best fit. The wristband will stay in place even if you’re sweating.

Does the bamboo wrist support provide too much compression? The bamboo-charcoal blend fabric offers flexible support, allowing a full range of motion and flexibility.

Can I work with the bamboo wrist support? Yes, the flexible fabric supports your wrist while allowing a full range of motion, perfect for daily activities.

How do I determine my size for the bamboo wrist support? Measure the circumference of your wrist and refer to the sizing chart above.

Will the bamboo wrist support fit my 8″ wrist? Yes, the small support fits wrists between 5″ to 6.5″, and the large support fits wrists between 6.5″ to 8″.

Will the bamboo wrist support irritate my skin? No, the bamboo blend fabric is very soft and will not irritate your skin.

Do I receive one or two wrist supports with my order? You will receive two wrist supports.

Is the bamboo wrist support comfortable enough to wear at night? Yes, the gentle compression makes it comfortable to wear while you sleep.

How should I wash the bamboo wrist supports? Machine wash the supports in cold water and air dry.

Will the bamboo wrist supports stand up to repeated washing? Yes, the fabric is durable and withstands extensive wear and washing.

How does the bamboo wrist support work? The wrist support provides gentle compression and stabilization, reducing pain and inflammation.

Will my wrist sweat with the bamboo wrist support? No, the temperature-regulating charcoal blend fabric keeps your skin cool and comfortable when warm and retains heat when cold.

What is the bamboo wrist support made of? The support is made of a soft and strong bamboo charcoal blend fabric.

Does the bamboo wrist support repel bacteria and allergens? Yes, the antimicrobial fibers keep it hygienic and clean.


  • Provides pain-relieving support and compression for your wrist during exercise and everyday activities.


  • Bamboo charcoal hybrid fabric
  • Antimicrobial fibers
  • Contains latex

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Machine wash in cold water
  • Air dry

What’s Included:

  • Two wrist sleeves
  • 60-day guarantee
Weight .3 lbs





Large, Medium, Small

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Black, Gray


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