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International Dental Hygiene in Italy – Bronte, RDH

Check out this American hygienist working internationally in Italy!

Check out this first-hand description of international dental hygiene in Italy by an aspiring dental hygienist!

“I chose to study the field of dental hygiene in the country of Italy. I come from an Italian family, and much of my extended family still resides in Salerno, Italy. In fact, I am traveling to Salerno in May 2017 to visit my cousins. I have recently been researching more about the country and learning the Italian language, so the study of dental hygiene practice within the country is quite timely for me. Dental hygiene practice in Italy is both similar and different to the ways of practice in the United States…” more on her blog

International Dental Hygiene in Italy – Bronte, RDH

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Featured Photo by Noah Mayer on Unsplash

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