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Gut Microbiome: Key to Strong Immunity

Wake your immune system up by optimizing your gut health!

A diverse gut microbiome is essential to a strong immune system. ION* Biome helps to restore gut health. Gut health is significant. Did you know that 70% of your immune system is produced in your digestive tract? It is true. Therefore, to achieve health, your digestive health must be supported. This requires the Intelligence Of Nature.

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Gut Microbiome Diversity: Key to a Strong Immune System

A healthy and diverse gut microbiome in your gut is the key to a strong immune system and optimal health. ION* Gut Health (formerly RESTORE) works at the gut lining to strengthen your barrier function, defend against environmental toxins, and support respiratory wellness. IONBiome acts as a signaling agent between your gut microbiome and your cell regeneration mechanism.

In addition, this supplement creates the optimal environment for health gut microflora to thrive. Whether or not one diversifies the gut microbiome naturally or with probiotics, IomBiome supports the microflora.

Gut microflora is bio-available. We breath this diverse microflora in while out in nature or when we eat wild-fermented foods.

Protect the Gut Microbiome Against Toxins

Our bodies are under constant attack from harmful substances. These substances enter our bodies a number of ways. Our skin is not the only port of entry. We breathe in toxins and we consume toxins in our diet. Our bodies are designed to defend themselves against toxins.

However, sometimes the toxins overwhelm our systems. Nevertheless, we can support our bodies and strengthen these systems with IONBiome. This supplement along with a clean diet is key to health.

Watch the video below to see how IonBiome helps to regenerate the epithelial lining of your digestive tract. This lining extends from your nasal cavity to your rectum. Hence, the entire lining needs the support of IONBiome.

Regain your health today!

ION* Gut Health

The Best Produce Wash

Ideally, organic produce, vegetables and meats should be purchased. If this is not possible, thoroughly cleaning your fruits and veggies is the second best solution. There are many ways to do this. According to one study, in order to remove a large part of the pesticidal and herbicidal residue from your produce, soak your produce in a baking soda solution of 10 mg per litre for 15 minutes.


Effectiveness of Commercial and Homemade Washing Agents in Removing Pesticide Residues on and in Apples

Tianxi Yang, Jeffery Doherty, Bin Zhao, Amanda J. Kinchla, John M. Clark, and Lili He

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2017 65 (44), 9744-9752

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.7b03118

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This page contains affiliate links. See the full advertising disclosure here.

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