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Free Covid-19 testing in Bavaria, Germany

This recent announcement about free COVID-19 testing in Bavaria is so interesting. The COVID-19 pandemic is a major part of everyone’s lives today. This is especially true for dental professionals.

We work directly in our patient’s respiratory tract for long periods. This makes us, as dental hygienists, particularly vulnerable. How will this affect us?

Free COVID-19 Testing

The German governor of Bavaria, Markus Söder, announced that free testing for COVID – 19 is available for all residents starting tomorrow, July 1, 2020. These tests are available whether the person has symptoms or not and can be repeated if necessary.

As this tests for current exposure to the virus, it doesn’t show if you were exposed in the past. Only a blood test confirms previous exposure. This is beneficial for patients with current symptoms. Only doctors administer these tests and not dentists, unfortunately.

Therefore, we hygienists can protect ourselves by using proper PPE and practicing universal precautions. Taking patients’ temperatures offers another level of protection. We must take every precaution as we work directly with the public.

However, since we cannot fully prevent exposure to the virus but we can be proactive about our health. We can keep our defenses strong. Proper nutrition, adequate sleep and stress reduction is a start. We can help ourselves.

Learn how to reinforce your immune system against viral infections by improving your total health.

See the article on free COVID-19 testing in Bavaria by Reuters here.

Featured photo by Reuters.

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