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Helping hygienists reach their goals

Does this sound familiar: You know what goals you want to accomplish, but the path forward feels too impossible to manage?

This is a common feeling when contemplating such a big move as relocating to another country. Not only does one need to keep the immigration process in mind, but also the licensure as well. However, you can rest assured that it has been and can be done successfully.

In addition to helping with the job search, our consulting services include support with translation, support with immigration documents, and support with the housing search (all services are country dependent).

Dental hygiene department support

Making a dental hygiene department profitable requires time, practical experience and business acumen. Naturally, if you have a business already, you are aware of how important the regular maintenance of your work is. Dental hygienists are your business companions to keep your work in its best shape, and keep your patients healthy for the long run.

Our consulting services for dentists and dental clinics include sourcing hygienists and/or therapists, assisting with the onboarding of newly sourced employees, department set up, inventory setup and management, and support with immigration and/or housing (services are country dependent).

Your purchase of any of the below listed services indicates that you understand that no guarantee is implied or expressed.

Available Services

See our list of services below for more information. Translated documents for download are available in our shop.

Consultations for working abroad – Dental Hygienists

This service is for Dental Hygienists who need support relocating to another country and/or who need support finding work while already abroad. 

During this session and depending on your circumstances, you can expect support with the job search, interview preparation, managing relations with your employer (current/future), housing search, contract support (not legal advice), relocation support, immigration support, etc. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Employer/Recruiter Business Development Consulting

This service is designed for employers of dental hygienists and/or recruiters looking for hygienists to fill open roles.

This service includes resource management support, dental hygiene department management support, and support with making the dental hygiene department more financially viable. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Document Translation Services

Translation of your application documents from English to Spanish, French, German or Italian.

This service does not include any consultation or recommendations to tailor your documents to your job search. This is a strict translation of what is submitted, with no markups or recommendations.

The fee is $50/per page with a 500-word limit. Turnaround time is usually within 7 days, contact us beforehand to confirm.
*Please note: these translations are not certified and can not serve for official purposes*

Document Editing Services

This service includes the modification, and/or improvements of CVs/Resumes, cover letters, and possibly other documents related to professional employer communication. Languages are English, German, French, Spanish. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. You will receive a marked-up version of your document and a clean final version of your document.

The fee is $50/ per page with a 500-word limit. Turnaround time is usually within 7 days, contact us beforehand to confirm if you need a rush order.

Not sure what services you might need but you know you need help? Examples might include:

  • Custom help with moving abroad
  • Private/group instrumentation training and workshops
  • User Experience and/or Digital Product Design, etc.

Reach out and let’s have a chat about how we can help he***@de********************.com


Don’t just take our word for it, see what others say about our services.

“Moving to Germany is something I’ve wanted to do, but I’d always believed I would need a job change, and I was saving up to return to school for a more international career. When I was laid off during the pandemic, an internet search led me to dhabroad, Angela’s site on working as a dental hygienist internationally.
I started emailing with Angela and my whole life quickly changed. I started learning German, applying to jobs, and joined the International Dental Professionals Facebook page that Angela invited me to. There, I met other hygienists whose footsteps I hoped to follow. Through the group I networked with some fabulous American and Canadian dental hygienists, one of whom referred me to a dental office in Berlin where I interviewed and was given a job contract.
I recently made it into Germany where I’m so excited to be beginning a new chapter of my life. I would have not known this was possible without Angela’s site. I could not have gotten to this place without her assistance German-ifying my CV and in connecting with other dental professionals abroad.
Thank you, Angela!”

Dental Hygienist in Berlin